The SPORTS ON-POINT solution provides many benefits to the fan, the business and its sponsors. These can be categorized into four main areas:

Fan engagement

Develop fan engagement through personalised content.

Through mobile proximity technology we can create personal experiences that are based on a fan’s location. We provide fans with an immersive experience that extends way beyond the boundaries of the stadium.


Extrapolate rich data about fans and their movement.

Accessing a fans mobile location services will provide an unparalleled level of data. Clubs can track fan movement, map dwell time and understand fan behaviour, before during and after the event.


Fans can shape their own experiences.

The inbuilt research tool allows clubs to gain feedback and insight from the fans perspective in real time. Our in-house research team will collate and analyse the data to enable continuous improvement of the match-day experience.


Opening additional revenue streams.

Our Technology allows the rights holder to provide new and unique opportunities for sponsorship activation. The rich layers of fan data allow them to be more targeted, generating a greater ROI for their partners or sponsors.



Global sponsorship spend forecast to reach $75b by 2020


The quest to attract and engage millenials will continue for every rights holder, they represent $2.5t in global purchasing power

The experience for fans will become more immersive and more personalised, wherever they are – and real revenue opportunities will emerge as a result

Brands will continue to demand more from rights holders and push the industry to create greater value