The Idea

SPORTS ON-POINT is a proximity-based mobile technology solution for enhancing fan engagement.

Through real-time and post-event insight data collection, SPORTS ON-POINT allows sports clubs and teams to evolve their match day delivery, develop their spectator event experience and create commercial opportunities for their partners in a new and unique way.

We take the power of mobile and create meaningful, highly personalised and immersive experiences that bring fans and teams closer together. We do this by utilising the individual’s mobile location services, and delivering them motivating content relevant to that location, while collecting relevant and non-intrusive market research data.

When you combine the power of location with unparalleled levels of insight, sports clubs and events will understand more about the experience and expectations of their fans, and can unlock new exciting activations that deliver greater ROI for their sponsors, and help develop new revenue streams for the event owner.

The Numbers

A new era of digital fan is dawning


90% of 18–34 year old fans post content on social media while at the stadium.


68% of fans said that live video replays of game events on your mobile device would improve their in stadium experience.


58% of fans want live updates on athlete performance stats.


70% of fans said receiving special offers relating to food, beverage and merchandising on their mobile devices would improve their experience of the game.